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Hosted Backup and Recovery

Hosted backup and recovery overview

Hosted backup and recovery is a way of keeping your critical business data protected. Whether your business relies on simple files or a vastly complex database, hosted backup and recovery protects what matters most for your business. Hosted backup operates in the following way:

  • Business critical data is backed up onto disk
  • Data is available on demand, with varying retention policies, single or multiple datacentre instances
  • Backup tapes are recorded nightly for longer-term retention
  • Tapes are distributed to a secure vault on a nightly basis
  • Data is deduplicated
  • Fast, secure backup is available for your physical and virtual environments, remote offices, LAN/NAS servers as well as desktop and laptop systems

Managing data is a major resource requirement for most organisations. Even small companies backup huge volumes of essential data regularly. Fast and effective data recovery is an essential business skill. Organisations need to determine what is backed up, where and how the data is stored and what the critical factors are in deciding how quickly and efficiently data may be recovered. Managing backup and recovery in-house requires significant investment in complex tape libraries and software, not to mention training and time investment. Backups must be captured, stored, archived and managed throughout the lifecycle of the data.

A hosted backup and recovery service will transform the process into a scheduled, secure event that makes sure your data is safe and available. Using a hosted backup and recovery service provides your company with a secure, automated way of protecting your essential business data.

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