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Overview – Hosted Desktop

Virtual Hosted Desktop services in the TI Cloud provide your business with IT infrastructure and computing power as a Utility, removing the time, cost and risk associated with owning and managing your own IT infrastructure.

You would not want to collect your own drinking water, generate your own electricity and it’s more than likely you did not build your own office – so why would you and your organisation want to spend the time, money and effort in building and managing your own IT infrastructure, as well as being exposed to all the risks and costs associated? Cloud computing services with a hosted desktop eliminate this need.

In order for an organisation to keep its IT infrastructure running efficiently, significant investments are required in time, equipment, knowledge and training, as well as constant upgrading and reinvestment to keep up with the latest technologies. The Ti Group focuses on providing these cloud computing services for you. Hardware requires a large capital investment and depreciates quickly, software licensing has to be upgraded and renewed on a yearly basis and skilled IT professionals demanding high wages are required for management and maintenance.

TI Cloud offers your organisation an option to avoid this costly and sometimes painful process, while enhancing user satisfaction, business continuity and reducing costs. The TI Cloud provides your organisation with Enterprise Class IT infrastructure, performance, security and support, at a fixed monthly price per IT user, at a lower cost than your organisation would pay if owning and maintaining its own infrastructure. Hosted Desktop services save your business money and maximise performance.

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