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Hosted Storage and File Share

Hosted Storage and File Share Overview

Hosted storage and file share lets your critical business data be accessible for all colleagues, partners, and customers whilst ensuring that it is completely secure. Hosted storage and file share allows you to distribute and share content in a variety of ways, whilst also providing secure storage. Sharing data is a necessity in the modern business environment, be it documents, contracts, software and more. Sharing between users has always been possible, but the increase in remote and global working, increasing data size and the need to share large amounts of data mean that hosted storage and file sharing is an optimum solution.

TI Group hosted storage and file share services gives your business constant availability via a web browser, allowing you to share documents, project plans, ideas, contacts, announcements, calendars and much more. Hosted storage allows you to add internal and external users, and also allows collaboration on documents.

A hosted file server will be delivered securely using a datacentre and provide the same experience as having a file server in the office at a fraction of the cost. However, hosted file servers can be accessed by anyone, and the hosted service provides backup, security and archiving of data meaning that it will never be lost.

Cloud storage is another aspect of the hosted storage and file share service, providing a simple, cheap way for businesses to store their data in the cloud. Cloud storage has a variety of capabilities than enable users to share and collaborate on files with both internal and external users. Cloud storage is simple to use and can even be accessed from mobile devices.

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