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Local Backup Infrastructure

The Local Backup Infrastructure stores complete server images and data copies, on line, to enable our ‘Managed Activity Team’ (MAT) to recover faulty server equipment and lost or corrupt information in minutes and hours rather than days. From the Local Recovery Server, Ti provide a fully managed backup service to facilitate Bare Metal Server, Operating System Images, Applications, Data, Exchange PSTs & Database Recovery.


Reduces backup windows & increases backup integrity

Reduces recovery time to minutes, instead of hours or days

Minimise storage requirements

Reduces CPU and bandwidth usage

Supports Windows, VMware, SQL, Exchange and more

More cost effective than centralised Tape Storage

Key Features:

Bare metal recovery with server imaging technology

Fast, low-impact block-level incremental backups

Microsoft Exchange mailbox and message level recovery

Fast Virtualisation server backup and recovery

Local Recovery Server

The Local Recovery server is supplied and installed by the Ti Group on site as part of our service. The equipment provided includes a server, switch and network cabling to enable a separate and dedicated Backup LAN. The Dedicated LAN ensures that the Backup and restore processes to and from the Local Recovery Server are non-disruptive and do not impact on the conventional IT services being provided by the business servers and application farm.

Local Tape Archival Option

If there is a requirement to store data locally for long periods of time or for legal purposes, then the Local Recovery Server can be integrated with the existing clients Tape or Archiving processes and scheduled archiving routines maintained by the internal IT team.

Communications Infrastructure

Managed VPN

In order to provide off site data and image storage and recovery The Ti Group’s Communications Infrastructure is required.

The communications link between the customer’s site and the Ti Groups Datacentre is via a VPN circuit. All transmitted data is compressed to minimise the bandwidth requirement, allowing existing Internet communications and ISP services to be integrated with Ti Backup and DR services and used as the VPN link. However, clients must be aware that the speed of the backup and recovery processes depend on available bandwidth. Low bandwidth will also impact on other Internet services and maintenance routines. For, example, implementing Microsoft patch upgrades requires that Internet bandwidth is available.

Bandwidth recommendations are based on the amount of data and the number of server images that need to be copied,, but as a general guideline, 1tb of Data will require a minimum of 2mb dedicated bandwidth to ensure a fast backup and recovery service.

Ti is able to make recommendations and facilitate dedicated SDSL services for Backup and Disaster Recovery, as required. By proactively monitoring and where possible implementing Quality of Service (QoS) with our own VPN solutions The Ti Group ensure a non-disruptive rapid backup and recovery capability.

Remote Backup Infrastructure

From inside our highly secure Datacentre, Sirius II, The Ti Group operate a fully managed, purpose built, virtualised environment for storing and mirroring client server images and data. The system has been designed so that each client has their own dedicated virtual environment. Data security, integrity and resilience are ensured through built-in high availability hardware and Unified Threat Management software components.

The Ti Group proactively monitor and administrate the complete backup process and dataflow. Our dedicated Managed Activity Team are continuously interrogating the local and remote systems to ensure that image and snapshot copies are successful at the customers site on the Local Recovery Server and at the datacentre on the Remote Recovery Server.

Remote Recovery Server

Remote Recovery Server is designed to protect client server images, applications and data from local server corruptions, virus outbreaks and malicious attacks. Storing copies of up to date data off site also complies with legal, risk aversion and corporate governance guidelines and regulation.

Server Images and snapshots are copied from the Local Recovery Server across the Internet via the Communications Infrastructure and stored on the Remote Recovery Server. As a default, complete server images are mirrored once every month followed by incremental and snap shot images which are taken on a daily basis. However, the frequency at which local and off site images and data are copied can be set by each individual client and included as part of a bespoke Backup & Recovery solution.

Remote Tape/Archival Option

Data Retention: Ti’s Backup & Recovery services include retaining data and images for 3 months off site at our managed Datacentre. However, the service can be extended to cater for data retention periods greater than 3 months.

Long term off site legal archiving requirements are catered for by Tape and Optical storage options within the Remote Backup Infrastructure. For local retention, the Local Recovery Server can be configured to archive to the clients own existing Tape or Optical archival system.

Remote Access For Disasters

From within the highly secure Datacentre, Sirius II, Ti facilitate Remote Access to a mirror image of client’s critical business systems to allow for Business Continuity in the case of a disaster, or a denial of access or service.

The TI Group are Remote Access specialists and our consultancy team have been delivering systems based on Citrix technologies since 1994.

In the event of a Disaster our Remote Backup Infrastructure can effectively take the place of the clients own business critical IT service environment. Staff can access the system from any location with an Internet Browser. Access is controlled and secured through a Citrix Secure Access Gateway.

As an integral part of the clients Disaster Recovery planning, the Remote Access option includes quarterly recovery testing through remote dial-in to the Ti Group’s Sirius II Datacentre environment.

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