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Application Delivery

HP’s advanced range of VMware-certified server, storage and management software makes the TI Group ideally placed as a provider of virtualisation solutions, delivering key application software. Because these software solutions are all available from a single source, complete with full technical support, integration is easy.

The TI Group partners with HP to provide leading-edge virtualisation solutions for SMEs. A complete range of VMware-certified server and storage software, VMware virtualisation software and management software is available, and this single-source solution makes integration easy.

HP has enabled integration of VMware ESXi into its ProLiant server, along with powerful HP management software, to enable fast and straightforward deployment, proactive hardware monitoring, and consolidated life-cycle management with server firmware upgrades. VMware ESXi the next-generation thin architecture, provides an efficient foundation for building a dynamic, automated infrastructure.

A virtualised environment can be implemented in minutes – users can either deploy ESXi using selected flash media devices, or by copying on to a hard drive. This innovative way of distributing virtualisation technology avoids time-consuming installation and simplifies host configuration.

The TI Group can draw on a broad range of products from HP, who offer more VMware-certified server models than any other vendor. This ensures that customers can specify the server than meets their needs precisely.

HP also provide a unique set of tightly integrated virtualisation management capabilities. These tools give customers the ability to manage physical and virtual assets in the same way. Future updates to integrate VMware virtualisation software can be made with the same tools used to update ProLiant system firmware. Using the same tool to consolidate update processes greatly simplifies life-cycle management.

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