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HP ProCurve gives your enterprise all the advantages of mobility – flexible working, a more contented workforce and enhance productivity – without compromising network security. This proven solution allows you to focus on what really matters in your enterprise: growing your business and providing service to your customers.

As HP Preferred Partners, The TI Group provide expert consultation on all HP ProCurve products.

HP ProCurve is a proven plug and play solution for SMEs, delivering enterprise quality and performance at an affordable price.

When mobility is an issue, HP ProCurve gives your workers greater wireless flexibility, without compromising on network security. The result is a more reliable network that will give your people the flexibility they need to work at different locations, at the same time optimising efficiency and productivity.

Whatever your business objectives and challenges, whether you’re installing a new network or expanding an existing one, HP ProCurve Networking has a portfolio of solutions that will meet the specific needs of your enterprise.

But most importantly, with HP ProCurve as your trusted business partner, you get peace of mind. This allows you to focus on your core business activity and make customers – and profitability – your first priority.

The TI Group can manage the entire setup, installation and support operation for businesses of all sizes.

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