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The TI Group partnering with HP can help you increase your network speed and efficiency. HP ProCurve Gigabit switches allow you to get the most out of your network, giving you maximum operating efficiency, greater productivity, enhanced customer service capability and investment protection. A broad product line offers network solutions to meet different network requirements.

With employees exchanging data and communicating with printers, scanners, storage devices and servers, the sheer volume of data your network handles is growing all the time. With all these increasing demands on your infrastructure, you could be pushing it to the limit.

If this is the case, the first signs could be delays in transferring data, and generally slower network performance – both of which will have a negative impact on productivity and levels of customer service.

HP ProCurve Gigabit Switches

HP ProCurve Gigabit switches maximise the performance of your network, helping employees to connect with each other and network resources quickly and easily. As a result, you enjoy the benefits of greater efficiency, greater productivity, investment protection and the ability to improve your service to your customer.

  • Exchange large files quickly and easily.
  • Handle bandwidth-intensive applications such as graphical data, video streaming, large databases and data storage without any problems.
  • Enhance the performance of any Gigabit-enabled devices that are connected to the network, including PCs, laptops, printers and servers.

A broad range of HP ProCurve Gigabit solutions is available, ranging from basic, unmanaged plug and play capability, through managed network monitoring and configuration to high performance scalable solutions for building converged networks.

As HP Preferred Partners, The TI Group provide expert consultation on HP ProCurve products.

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