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The TI Group is a proven, trusted supplier of HP ProCurve ProActive Defense, which provides protection against internal and external security threats. It gives you the flexibility to manage and control specific areas of risk management and mitigation strategies within your enterprise, even if you have a limited staff and need to work to a tight budget.

HP ProCurve ProActive Defense is based on three key components: a trusted infrastructure foundation, an offensive access control capability and a defensive threat management approach. Each component allows you to target specific areas of risk management and mitigation strategies.

Trusted infrastructure. Visible, proven and reliable, this can be securely managed to maintain its integrity and enable policy automation.

Access control. Proactively prevents security breaches by dynamically controlling users and their access to both wired and wireless networks and resources.

Threat management. Detects and responds to threats against your network. It applies appropriate security measures based on defined policies and also monitors behaviour to help network administrators maintain a high level of network availability and integrity.

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