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RFID Solutions

The TI Group is an established distributor of Radio Frequency Identification technology. We provide a range of clients all over the world with innovative RFID identification and asset management solutions. Our range of products and software provide solutions to common problems such as the ability to manage and transport assets. The TI Group specialises in providing RFID safety, control and security.

Many companies are currently making significant investments of money and time to protect their assets using RFID technology. Expert consultancy allows for total asset visibility. The TI Group distributes powerful IPICO RFID technology. No matter the size of your business or the assets you need to protect, The TI Group can meet your RFID challenge. Industrial RFID specialities include EVI (Electronic Vehicle Identification), Asset & IT tracking, Security & access control, RFID Tracking IPICO Products and more. Please read more about our RFID solutions and get a free consultation below.

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The TI Group provides RFID solutions in 2 key areas:

Industrial Applications

From electronic vehicle identification to personnel and asset tracking, The TI Group is the official UK distributor for IPICO’s class-leading RFID solutions.

Sports Timing

Responsible for providing timing services to the Virgin London Marathon, The TI Group provide consultation and deployment of professional RFID sports timing solutions.

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