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TI Group Virtualisation Services

  • Virtualisation services from the TI group have the ability to improve how efficient your IT resources and applications can be
  • Using Virtualisation allows you to run multiple virtual machines from each physical machine, freeing up time and cost
  • Because TI Group Virtualisation services reduce the proportion of IT budget spent on managing the infrastructure, your IT team have more time to focus on innovation

By automating your Datacenter using Virtualisation services your business can more quickly and efficiently respond to changing market dynamics. Virtualisation services deliver resources and applications to wherever they are needed, with customers saving over 50% on overall IT costs. Virtualisation consolidates resource pools and delivers highly available machines.

Benefits of Virtualisation services from the TI Group include:

  • Running multiple operating systems on single servers
  • Creating a virtual PC environment
  • Lowering capital costs by increasing energy efficiency
  • Less hardware requirement
  • Ensuring enterprise applications perform at the highest availability and performance
  • Improved disaster recovery solutions
  • High availability
  • Improved level of enterprise desktop management and control

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