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Centralised Storage



Centralised Storage

Centralised storage solutions from the TI Group, based on proven HP StorageWorks technology, deliver the high levels of data availability and storage utilisation you need. They also offer easy and smooth scalability, so they grow and evolve just as your storage needs do.

Virtualisation improves server utilisation, but centralised storage is also key to meeting application requirements more effectively. Your virtual environments require high levels of data availability and storage utilisation, as well as the ability to grow smoothly as your business evolves

HP LeftHand P4000 SAN solutions address these challenges and deliver key user benefits:

Reduce costs for multi-site, high availability storage by approximately 50%

Increase capacity utilisation by approximately 33% to improve storage investments.

Easily deploy shared storage within virtual server environments without disruptions to your day-to-day business operations.

HP LeftHand P4000 SAN solutions are optimised for database and email applications, as well as virtualised servers. The P4000 also eliminates single points of failure across the SAN with an innovative approach to data availability, reducing risk without driving up costs.

Built on a storage clustering architecture, the HP P4000 SAN also allows you to scale capacity and performance linearly without incurring downtime or performance bottlenecks, or forcing expensive upgrades. Additionally, reservationless thin provisioning substantially increases your storage efficiency.

HP Storage Solutions

A broad range of centralised storage solutions is also available:

HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Arrays (EVAs) lower TCO and minimise complexity.

HP StorageWorks SAN Virtualisation Services Platform (SVSP) allows you to pool, save and share a variety of resources with networked based virtualisation.

HP StorageWorks Virtual Library Systems and D2D Backup Systems delivers improved data protection, performance, and reliability.

HP StorageWorks Scalable NAS enables you to consolidate file-based storage for a large number of clients.

HP StorageWorks XP External Storage Software reduces the effort needed to manage multivendor disk arrays.

HP Virtual Connect for HP BladeSystem increases SAN and network operational efficiency.

HP Direct Connect SAS Storage for HP BladeSystem brings shared storage and high availability to virtualised environments.

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