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Network Optimisation

Network optimisation (available through The TI Group) ensures that your network is optimised for application deployment. Network optimisation can benefit your business in a number of ways, including:

  • Reducing network costs
  • Making web applications run many times faster
  • Improving application delivery
  • Controlling and securing data
  • Providing secure access to applications
  • Accelerating branch application delivery
  • Cutting bandwidth cost
  • Planning and provisioning the network for each new application
  • Rolling out and making changes

Your network is a major IT investment and it’s important to know and understand your traffic, speed and performance. The TI Group provides bespoke network optimisation solutions depending on the size and scale of your network and the goals you are trying to achieve. As well as increasing application delivery and cutting the cost of your network infrastructure, TI Group network optimisation increases your security and accessibility.

Citrix NetScaler Cut the cost of your network infrastructure in half and make your web applications run five times faster

Citrix Access Gateway Get secure access to all virtual desktops and your applications

Citrix Branch Repeater Accelerate your branch application delivery, and cut down the cost of your bandwidth

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