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Server Consolidation

Based on proven HP Server Automation technology, the TI Group’s approach to server consolidation delivers key benefits to users:

  • Reduced costs and risk by automating server lifecycle management.
  • Increased productivity by automating routine operational tasks like patching, provisioning and configuration management.
  • Proactive regulatory compliance management.
  • Easy compliance with corporate standards across all applications, servers and local storage.
  • Prevents virtual sprawl.
  • Accelerated application release management.
  • Smarter working through a single view of application dependencies, network details, server hardware and configuration information and local storage information.

The challenges facing IT organisations are diverse and complex. Business units demand enterprise business services that can include hundreds of infrastructure elements including servers. These may be distributed across several data centres and managed by different business teams and systems.

Enterprises also demand greater flexibility, agility and accountability, which means that IT must manage change more effectively whilst continuing to meet compliance regulations.

HP Server Automation software provides comprehensive server lifecycle management for enterprise servers and applications. Delivering everything from establishing a baseline of applications, servers and local storage to providing, patching, configuration management, script execution and compliance assurance.

HP Server Automation provides a comprehensive view of all applications, server and storage dependencies and relationships, and automates operations and processes across disparate IT teams and systems. It is integrated with other HP Data Center Automation software for a single view of your enterprise application environment.

You get automated, physical and virtual server management, which helps you follow best practices and work quickly and correctly – giving you more time to develop the new applications required by your business.

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