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The right PEOPLE  We hire the best people for the job. We have fantastic staff retention because we respect and care for all our team. As a result our customers benefit from continuity, better service and a knowledge-based approach. Our culture of treating our people with respect and maturity means our customers are treated the same.

Always AVAILABLE  We appreciate that our clients work in a 24/7 world, and we accommodate this. Our offices are open every day, including weekends, from 8am to 10pm to process orders and deal with queries. We are dedicated to service, and we serve by being available, passionate and caring.

Management that CARE  We ensure that all our clients have director level interaction, to ensure high-level commitment and service consistency. All areas of our business are involved in customer care, not just sales. Our management team drive success through process and practise and are always willing to get on the phone or visit our customers. 

Bespoke SERVICE  We are flexible and friendly in our approach to business. We know that each customer’s needs are unique and treat all customers as unique. We tailor ourselves to fit the workflow of our customers. We are committed to uniform service excellence, so whether you need a quote or duplicate invoices, we provide the same highly focused and rapid response. 

We are CERTIFIED  We are proud to be ISO certified and adhere to continually measuring and monitoring our progress. Internally we are driven by processes and policies that underpin everything we do as a company. This continuous evaluation ensures that our most valued asset which is our customer base is managed to the highest level. 

Technical ACC MANAGERS Our customer account managers are all chosen for their technical ability. We have found that technical account managers better understand the issues that our customers want to solve. Each technical account manager is paired with a support team so that each customer has 24/7 365 day account coverage.

Personal TOUCH   We embed each new customer’s profile into our support team, so that when a customer calls they are talking to someone familiar. Our support team discuss issues and successes in our customer base on a weekly basis. We ensure that any person you interface with at The TI Group will have a complete understanding of your account.

Excited about LEARNING  We are always looking to the industry to present new products and solutions which are exciting and innovative. Keeping our team trained and energetic allows us to continually evolve with our customers. We update you of important manufacturer changes that might impact your deployed technology.  We work to stay ahead of the curve. 

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