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We work with resellers

As a reseller, you work hard to get customers. You build relationships and you provide the products and services that you are capable of delivering. Often, this forces you to limit the number of areas that you can provide to your customers. In an ideal world, this would be enough to keep you in a flourishing business year on year, but this is not the economy we live in.

The largest resellers are able to create overwhelming marketing and cold calling footprints, which can be a source of worry to your accounts.

Your customers are under pressure to reduce cost’s and increase the productivity of purchased goods and services. All the while they are being bombarded by companies trying to sell to them, and undermining your relationship. Perhaps it is time to think about partnering with a company that wants to help you succeed?

Some of the reasons resellers work with us

Server and storage hardware expertise

We have designed, configured and sold server hardware platforms into all types of organisations for over 15 years. We know which types of server and storage hardware works best in the field under varied roles. We have real experience of which systems are as durable as their marketing material suggests.

We can work alongside you to decide which manufacturers and solutions to use in any type of deployment you might be planning.We can extend our help to customer visits, meetings, conference calls, whatever you deem appropriate to help you win business.

Impartial advice on products

We are vendor agnostic to the core and will work with your chosen manufacturers. We understand the merits of each brand and the suitability of certain manufacturers and solutions to specific scenarios, but we are not incentivised by any specific manufacturer over another.

Updates on the latest offers and promos

We analyse the best prices, and promotions across the industry to ensure that we are always able to offer the best vendor promotions, cashback etc, to help you win more business. Flexible payment terms

Flexible payment terms

We offer various flexible payment options to our valued channel partners, including,

  • Insured credit limits with 30 / 60-day terms, which will help your cash flow
  • Leasing options to allow you to spread your costs over longer periods

Understandable concerns you might have about working with us?

Worried that your customer might be poached

We understand that for most companies this is the greatest worry, and this is understandable because your greatest asset is your customers. So let’s begin with some facts to help alleviate those worries:

  • We have been in business for over 10 years
  • We have built a reputation for transparency and trust
  • Your customers shipping details are not held in our CRM
  • Our sales team do not have access to your customer details
  • We agree and sign an NDA with you

You want to build your company brand, not ours

We plain label everything that we ship for you, so our name is not mentioned anywhere on the paperwork. Your customers will receive goods as though you shipped them. If we send engineers on to your customer’s site, they will go onsite as your team bearing your company name. You will retain total control over your customer account, and how it is managed. We only engage with your customer when you request this.

Partner to grow

There are many reasons to partner with us and grow your existing and prospective customer accounts. Call us or use the form below today to discuss the benefits with an expert.

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