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Commodity Procurement

Purchasing made simple

Procurement is a key function for businesses of all sizes. At TI Group we have a specialist commodity procurement team that analyse the market for price changes, offers and vendors promotions. We ensure that we are always able to offer the most cost effective pricing.

SMB Customers

For smaller organisation’s we find the best products at the best prices. Highly competitive pricing combined with quick delivery allows our smb customers to react to changes quickly.

Enterprise Customers

For medium to enterprise size customers having complete control of assets allows them to manage growth and productivity. We can help to ensure uniformity and standardisation in our customers purchasing workflow by coordinating with all regional offices to ensure that a single product and solution message is delivered across the business. We will also ensure that requests for “unqualified” products or products that are not on an approved list are notified to managers, rather than being fulfilled.

We look to fit into the procurement and deployment strategy that our customers have in place.

National Reach

We have the ability to deliver over 500,000 in stock products on a next day delivery across the UK. We can also special order and back order items to fulfil bespoke needs, like specialised server and workstation solutions.

International Reach

Items that are not available in the UK because they are end of life, or simply because they have never been available for sale in the UK can be sourced by our team using our list of international commodity partners across the globe. In the last 10 years we have sourced from 40 countries when needed to help our customers to stay on target with project deadlines and tightening budgets.

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