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Desktop and Mobility

As a commodity procurement partner, we have close alliances with all the client-side computing manufacturers.

Our client solutions division encompasses solutions for desktops, laptops and mobile devices. We are experts in finding the right technology to suit your end users demands, and blending this with the administrative and management needs of the IT department.


We supply everything from Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface Pro devices through to the traditional and hybrid devices manufactured by HP, DELL and Lenovo. Beyond traditional laptop’s we also specialise in rugged computing which is led by our highly competent Panasonic Toughbook team.

Beyond supply, we offer mobile device management solutions from Mobile Iron. To discuss any of these areas, please call or message us below.

Desktop & Workstation

There is often a thin line between high-end desktop computing and workstation devices. As experts in the workstation field, we can help you determine your hardware requirements based on your usage and future plans. We have experience across all the tier 1 and bespoke workstation vendors in this market. So whether you need a desktop workstation, mobile workstation or rack-mount workstation solution, we can find the right product for you.

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