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Education ICT Promise for 2019 and 2020

Schools, Colleges and Universities

We work closely with education institutions across the UK

Damian – Education BDM

Who are we

We are a company that has specialised in the supply of ICT hardware in the UK for over 14 years. We have the same commitment to customer service as we did back when we started.

Our Pledge

We make a simple promise in 2019. We will not be beaten on price for hardware or software. We will get schools, colleges and all other educational institutions fantastic pricing on everything that they purchase. We remove all the unnecessary terminology and just provide a fantastic service without the complications.

If you are a purchaser

We will align a sales support account manager for you. They will work with you and provide quotes whenever you need them. They will be able to take needs and suggest products.

If you are a technical manager

We will align a technical account manager for you. They will ensure that you can discuss technical specs and builds to obtain added value before deciding on technical purchases like servers and storage devices.

Why do we make this promise?

We have directors within the business that are interested and concerned for the future of our education system. We employ young people that are passionate about education and ICT. We have advisor’s within the group that are governors for schools, and who believe that schools often need as much help as they can get to avoid the pitfalls and be more cost-effective. We want to help make IT purchasing for education more cost-effective, which we believe will lead to better outcomes for children.

How can we fulfil this promise?

We are dedicated to the mission of cost savings for schools, so there will be very few scenarios in which we cannot achieve the goal of obtaining better pricing for you. We will negotiate better pricing with manufacturers and suppliers on your behalf. There will be scenarios in which manufacturers lock special pricing to a specific company, and in those scenarios, our hands are sometimes tied, but we work transparently so we will let you know why we cannot beat pricing in those scenarios or how you can help us to negotiate with the manufacturer.

How are we able to do this?

We have worked closely with all the major product and solution manufacturers for over 14 years. This includes HP Inc, HP Enterprise, DELL, Fujitsu Siemens, Lenovo, IBM and many others. Our special education pricing team works daily to see the latest offers, from all the manufacturers. We also negotiate volume purchase pricing and deals specifically for education.

Which vendors and solutions?

We will cover all manufacturers, some key areas are below,

Client-side computing – HP Inc, Lenovo, Dell, Fujitsu Siemans, Apple. Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Phones (The entire Apple portfolio)

Server side computing – HP Enterprise Proliant, Dell PowerEdge, Cisco UCS, Lenovo, IBM,

Storage devices – HPE, Dell EMC, QSAN. All tier 1 and 2 storage vendors, direct attached, ISCI storage, network storage and san storage

Network devices – HP Aruba,  Networking, Cisco, Juniper, Watchguard, Aruba, Switches, Firewalls

Solutions – Managed Wireless – Meraki Wireless, Aruba Managed Wireless

Virtualisation – Microsoft HyperV, VMware, Citrix Xenserver

Electrical – Power and data cabling, structured and fibre for single rooms and entire campus / multi-campus installs.

Are we accredited?

Yes, we take the time and effort to ensure that we are certified where needed and education authorised. We also purchase within the UK from the authorised manufacturer distributors, which means that if the manufacturers have any special promotions or cash back offers, you will have no issue validating the offer and claiming. This all works to our advantage because we train our team, and keep them at the cutting edge of all new innovation.

Can resellers purchase from us?

We do work with resellers and trade companies. However, we will always provide the best pricing possible directly to education customers because the prime motivation for this 2019 project is to enable schools and colleges to maximise the ROI of their IT spend. We ask that resellers engage with us in an open and honest fashion so that we can prevent any abuses of this promotion.

How long will the promo last?

We intend to run this promotion from March 2019 through to December 2020. This will give customers the ability to save money on summer spend, and make use of the pricing through to the new term.

Is this just a marketing ploy?

Plain and simply no, this is not a marketing ploy. We genuinely care about the education market and the effect that amazing education has on the future of the country as a whole. Tomorrow’s leaders are created by today’s education system. We must all invest in one way or another to ensure that we have a bright future and intelligent balanced creative thinkers as leaders. We also work closely with many Government accredited learning providers to employ apprentices.

Engagement Process

We can work with you in whatever way suits you best. Our typical engagement process is,

1 – You call or email us with a quote request, or complete the form below.

2 – Within 25 minutes one of the education quote team will respond to let you know we are working on the request. Most quote requests are returned to the sender within 30 mins. You can use this form to submit initial quote requests

3 – If you decide to purchase, you can issue us an official Purchase Order, and we will dispatch the goods for a next business day delivery. If you do not have an account with us, complete this form, and one of the accounts team will create an account for you with trading terms. Initial account setup can take up to 4 hours. However one of the accounts team will liaise with you throughout this process to ensure its completed as quickly as possible.

Typical methods of payment are an invoice with 30-day trading terms. However, you can also pay by bank transfer, or online with a credit card.

For an open and casual conversation about your needs, contact us using the form below and one of our friendly team will call you back.

Schools, Colleges and Universities

We work closely with education institutions across the UK

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