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I suspect you are wondering why this page is called Why Choose ME? and not Why Choose US,  well it’s NOT because I am the only one sitting here at TI Group. It is because I wrote this page and I am specifically reaching out to you. I take responsibility for what we do as a business and how we perform.

My background is technical and I started my career doing technical consultancy for Windows Server, Exchange and Linux variants. I moved into a sales role because I believed that I could understand customer needs better then salespeople could. I spent time working with corporate companies, delivering technology solutions projects from the ground up. Ultimately, my “sales” gamble paid off. 17 years later we are a successful technology reseller. That is the short version of the story. Happy to sit for a coffee and explain the long version.   🙂

Importantly, we are a team of 25 people, but when reaching out like this, I want you to know this is not generically written, I have thought this out, because ultimately I am putting my reputation on the line, and in 17 years thankfully I have not been let down by my team of account managers and sales support.

We are NOT...

..like our larger competitors. Our competition is typically full of salespeople making 100 calls a day, using a call volume strategy to reach potential new customers, but in the process annoying hundreds of people per day.

We are NOT … going to annoy you with calls asking if there is anything that we can “quote on today”

We are NOT … going to send you quotes without knowing what the hardware or software is expected to achieve

We are...

Knowledgeable outside of just IT products and vendors. We understand that technology plays a role within your business in most cases. It is one function among many others.

Driven to succeed for you. We have Quote SLA’s of 30 minutes 9am -6pm and 4 Hours outside of working office hours including weekends.

Technically competent, we take the time to be certified where possible and in-depth practically experienced where it’s not possible.

Supportive because we know that if we can help you to do amazing things for your business, then you will thrive and so will we.

Understanding because we know that your job may be a stepping stone in your career. We have a large network of happy customers we work with, and we will always network and introduce customers to each other because your next amazing job might be with one of our customers.

Caring because we know that relationships make life great. You have a job to do, and we have a job to do, so if we work to create a happy atmosphere and productive work life, then we all go home happy at the end of the day.

What we do really well

  • Offer fantastic pricing based on experience and relationships with all the tier 1 vendors. This is the least any supplier can do in 2023
  • Fast quote process so that you are not waiting to respond to your end users. 30 mins quote SLA within business hours 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 4 hours outside of that including weekends. We know that having all the quotes and information quickly allows you to make decisions faster. It also allows you to run a more efficient IT service desk which is better for your internal users.
  • Understand your business workflows quickly and easily – How you operate, quote procedures, accurate invoicing etc. Dealing with large enterprises we know the way in which authorization workflows work for you, and will quote accordingly.
  • Take the time to understand your IT Team and its needs in-depth – With technical account managers, we handle each customer with care and understanding. We want to be helpful and add real value.
  • We appreciate that you want IT in your business to be an asset and business driver – We work to help you and your team look amazing to your business. This ultimately results in wage increases, job offers, job satisfaction, and great lives.

Company Info

We are London based with a Global customer base. We ship across the UK on a next-day service and across Europe and ROW

We are a small but dedicated team with skills in Clientside and Server side IT , but with a huge combined wealth of experience across all areas of IT.

We are certified ISO 9001 and 14001 since 2012 with many other certifications being actively pursued.

We are project managers with strong understanding of AGILE , ITIL and PRINCE methodologies and practices.

Most of our customers are large enterprises, you can see the banners on the home page, and a quick snippet is, DHL , Bentley, Chubb, HMRC , Volkswagen Group, Qatar National Bank, Zebra, Motorola etc

We are a group of companies, TI Group is the reseller business, Trumin is the race timing and event management software company

We work with government apprenticeship schemes to help young people to find a footing in the world of IT and business administration. We believe that we can provide them with the focused mentoring and experience that few other companies have the time to provide.

I would like to

Build a company where people matter, and customers matter, not just for the short term, but for the long term. We are not doing this for quick profits. 17 years down the road, we are still proud to have an exciting team of people that work together in the best interests of our customers.

I would like the opportunity to discuss how we might work with you. If you think we can help and are willing to give us an opportunity, please send me an email or call.  My details are below. I will happily arrange to call you back 24/7, and yes I mean 24/7 as we have customers in every timezone.

We are a fantastic team and company, but the most difficult task for us is reaching new customers and building new relationships without resorting to the tactics that our large competitors use, which is mainly cold calling. Help us by giving us a try, you will not regret it. Thank you.

Kind Regards
Sam Sharma
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